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Co2 Laser Cutting

1. CM Series laser cutting machine can be configured with two laser heads. Two heads can be used for mirror cutting, space between two laser heads can be adjusted manually or automatically.
2. Compatible with CAD, CORELDRAW, GERBER design software, use friendly interface.
3. Multi files function with up to 128 files storage memory, operator can choose files without accessing the computer, it is most ideal for mass production
4. All-optical coupling isolation system with high-speed differential input and out put circuit design, long-distance transmission without distortion,
the system achieves 12 output and 16 input status.
5. Laser head distance can be adjusted automatically, depending on the array nesting cutting.
6. One laser head automatically shuts down to avoid damaging the already cut fabric when cuts odd-number workpieces.

Material & Application

Cotton, linen, leather, paper, chemical fiber.

Dimension & Weight



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