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FM20 / 30

Fiber Laser Marking

1. Less power consumption, less than 500W.
2. Small size, air-cooled, easy to carry and transport.
3. High electro -optical conversion rate, main tenance free.
4. High stability, easy to operate.
5. Broad application: bacode marking, tow-dimensional code, text graph regular and irregular transaction mark.
6. Multiple Marking form: Flying Marking, Line Printer, Rotating Marking, Multistage Marking.
7. Deep carved marking. Black marks on AI material.
8. Can be customized according to customer demand.

Material & Application

Common Metal (iron, cooper, aluminum, zinc etc), special metal (gold, silver, titanium etc), Special surface treatment
(plating, phosphating, anodizing of aluminium), metal oxide, ABS material
โลหะทั่วไป (เหล็ก, ทองแดง, อลูมิเนียม, สังกะสี ฯลฯ), โลหะชนิดพิเศษ

(ทอง, เงิน, ไทเทเนียม ฯลฯ), พื้นผิวชนิดพิเศษ (ชุบ, ฟอสเฟต,

อโนไดซ์ของอลูมิเนียม), โลหะออกไซด์วัสดุ ABS


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