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Fiber Laser Marking

1. High quality fiber generator, good quality spot, optical power density uniform, stable output optical power, meets the application demand of mainstream market;
2. Yueming self-developed digital high-speed galvanometer scanner, small size, high speed and excellent stability; the performance reaches the international advanced level;
3. Powerful control system, optimizes the processing data according to various application, supports multi language swith, and up to 256 color layer management functions, meets the application requirements of most industries;
4. Die-casting mold manufacturing lifting frame, stable structure, built-in linear guide, simple design.

Material & Application

Plastics, Stainless steel, and other metal material surface marking.
พลาสติก, สแตนเลส, และยิงบนพื้นผิววัสดุโลหะอื่น ๆ



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