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Fiber Laser Marking

1. Economic configuration, with good cost performance. Uniform optical power density and stable output power to meet the application demand of the mainstream market.
2. High speed digital galvo scanner: small size, high speed and excellent stability; the performance reaches the international advanced level.
3. Modular design of control console, marking head and working platform, could be mixed and matched freely to meet different demands, could either work on assembly line marking or stationary marking.
4. Multi-degree adjustment extremely ensures it can mark on different surface of different products.
5. Adopts Han’s Yueming self-developed MM main board and software: Smart Scanner, powerful control system can makeVarious optimizing data processing according to different crafts.
6. It supports multiple languages and layers management as many as 256 colors.

Material & Application

plastic, steel, stainless steel, magal, zinc alloy, copper, nickel coating material, zinc coating material, aluminum oxide etc.


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