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Laser Cutting

เครื่องตัดเลเซอร์ SANSEIKO

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Professional sales world original laser cutting machine

เครื่องตัดเลเซอร์ Co2 Laser Cutting S1309

Co2 Laser Cutting

Peract (Proven) techniques,high cutting precision and high speed are the major features for of this series machines ,together with the humanity human friendly operating system,the superiority of the machines are embodied. DSP high speed processing technique realizes operation without computer control.With USB flash USB memory stick data reader reading and savingfunction,and the system can save and memorize data automatically; laser power and cutting speed are adjustable,It has multiple


เครื่องกัดลาย Laser Marking FM20/FM30

Fiber Laser Marking

1.Less power.

2.Small size, air-cooled , easy to carry and transport.

3. High electro-optical conversion rate, maintenance free.

4. High stability, easy to operate.

5.Broad application: barcode marking, two-dimensional code, text graph regular and irregular transaction mark.

6.Multiple Marking form: Flying Marking, Line Printer, Rotating Marking,Multistage Marking.

7.Deep carved marking. Black marks on Al material.

8.Can be customized according to customer demand.

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